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Weddings and technical support

Weddings and technical support
Weddings and technical support
Weddings and technical support
Your wedding is a unique event. That is why it is necessary to carefully plan everything in advance. Technical support for your wedding is the foundation for the success of the action. Appropriate technical support, inventory and supply all the wedding decorations nature of security, comfort and precision. If you do not have suitable space to organize your wedding, you build it. If you dream of a wedding in the garden, fulfill your dream. White wedding party tent, round tables, chairs with covers and bows and decorations should take the place of your fairytale wedding.

We prepare and place of your wedding ceremony in the garden, or anywhere outdoors. Glory gate, street with a red carpet and benches or chairs for guests to stand out a beautiful green lawn. Do not worry about the preparations, our wedding coordinator to ensure every last detail, so you you can say yes in a fairytale setting.

With no room for your wedding you have no need to add the appropriate inventory, or decorations, we can help you. Round tables, square tables, buffet tables, cocktail tables, table cloths on tables, chairs, covers for chairs, bows on chairs, artificial decorations, flower decorations, or other change in any area of your wedding.

Company Trade & Consult your technical support for your wedding offers the following products, furnishings and decorations for rent:

Party tents for rent

  • Party tents and large-capacity tents
  • Pagodas and pavilions bar
  • Glass double doors
  • Transparent walls
  • Solid walls with glazing
  • Clear roof sheets
  • Flooring: wooden floor, wooden floor in a steel grate, exhibit floors, floors to bridge the terrain elevation

Inventory for Rent - Tables:

  • Round tables
  • Square tables
  • Buffet
  • Stand-by tables (small tables) - Chrome + wood, white, stainless steel, LED-backlit version + butter cloth, elastic cloth,
  • The table in the shape of a heart
  • Coffee Tables
  • LED backlit color tables

Inventory for Rent - chairs, armchairs, sofas:

  • VIP seats
  • Conference chairs, upholstery: black, red, black
  • Chairs - textile, leather, rattan, plastic
  • Bar stools - white, black, dark blue
  • Benches
  • Sofas
  • Footstools

Inventory for Rent - Sets (tables + session):

  • White high table 50x180cm, v.110cm + barstools
  • Low sofa - Table + 4 180x180cm bench seats
  • Couch set
  • Rattan set
  • Beer sets
  • Timber massive sets


  • Chandelier lights - standard chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, wall lamps
  • Reflectors
  • Illumination bar counter
  • LED illumination and exterior spaces
  • Floor lamp - indoor, garden
  • LED chains

Heating and air conditioning::

  • Hot-air units - oil, gas and electric
  • Floor infra "mushrooms"
  • Mobile Air Conditioning
  • Fans

Party Accessories:

  • Dance Floor
  • Spacers ornamental posts with rope
  • Bar racks - interior, modular, exterior roofs with
  • Trash bins
  • Hangers
  • Screens
  • Mobile fence
  • Clipless barriers
  • Stage

Decoration for rent:

  • Pleated white textile decoration of the ceiling
  • Flat textile decoration
  • White textile wall decoration
  • Tablecloths
  • Skirting / skirts on tables
  • Cover for chairs
  • Bow of chairs
  • Illuminated interior decoration
  • Artificial flower decoration
  • Theme Decorations
Technical support for cultural and social events
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