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Theme decorations

Your event or show should take, be something unusual and extraordinary, to imprint the memory of the visit involved at least the next event. That's what everyone expected from them. Theme decorations are exactly what helps you to create space and atmosphere unique and distinguishable from other events. Thematic decorations for countless topics will design and prepare customized according to your wishes. They constitute not, we will suggest options under which you can choose in which they will carry the spirit of your event and what elaborate themed decorations for it, or adapt. We work with floral decoration (live and artificial), with textile materials, props, lighting.

Trade & Consult Company will design and prepare the decorations in the interiors and exteriors.

Theme decorating social events with the company Trade & Consult might look something like this:

  • Beach - themed decorations on the beach
  • A Thousand and One Nights - themed decorations on the tales of Thousand and One Nights
  • The Polar Express - themed decorations on a luxury train ride
  • Halloween - themed decorations on holiday
  • Caribic Night - themed decorations on the Latino
  • LED Night Show - Sensation White - winter themed decorations
  • Snow Wonderland - themed decorations on the dream of winter landscape
  • Christmas comfort - themed decorations on the Christmas
  • Santa Claus is coming - themed decorations for the event for our kids
  • Slovak chalet - space themed decorations - log chalet
  • Ice Queen - thematic decoration on winter landscape
  • 007 - agent authorized to entertain - thematic decoration inspired by the famous agent 007
  • Diva Party
  • Starry Night
  • Medieval fun at the castle
  • Police intervention
  • Bandits at Shepherd
  • From fairy tales to
  • Night brilliants
  • Chicago 1915
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Orient
and many other topics. Your fantasy.

The decoration is not necessary to be marked by the specified topic. Decorating any space can be held only as a combined company colors.
Theme decorations
Theme decorations
Technical support for cultural and social events
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